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At Bhakti Women we are passionate about investing in women’s development through our training programs, 1:1 coaching and online resources. We support women in their growth by inviting them to connect with their unlimited potential through harmonizing their thoughts, words, and actions with their inner essence.

Our mission

To empower women in making harmonious choices in their life by helping them connect with their essence.

Our programs

We organize many programs for women and girls in USA , India and online with a focus on Leadership, Management, Overcoming biases and stereotypes, Work Life Integration, Career Growth,Motherhood and other life roles,Creative Arts, Self Awareness,Self Esteem, Self Care , Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness among others.


We partner with Corporates, Educational Institutes, Non Profits and Women organizations to assist them in developing the women connected to them. We also provide 1:1 life coaching to women individuals.

Latest posts

Session 6: Change Your Thoughts

15 Mar , 2017  

The Final session in the series Energies, Healing, Karma and You!! We will discuss how the root cause of disease is our thoughts. Once we learn how to change our thoughts we will see how our chakras remain in balance, so does our pranic energy and how it affects the effect of the planets on […]

Session 5: Understanding Vedic Psychology

8 Mar , 2017  

Understanding Vedic Psychology Ayurveda, Our Psychology, Horoscope Where will we expend our energies in life: Physical self, Family, Society, Speaking, Doing or Thinking Where the modern psychological system fails How our free will is the root cause of everything!!!! Course Trainer: Namita Purohit – Practicing Counselor and Trainer

Session 4: Planets, Health,Time and Their Influence

28 Feb , 2017  

Topics covered in this session include: Scientific Research and Conception Time The Effect of the Sun and The Moon Forces Between Planets Medical Astrology Celestial Bodies and Their Positions Planets, Organs and Characteristics Planets, Benefics and Malefics Course Trainer: Namita Purohit – Practicing Counselor and Trainer  

Session 3: Planets and Their Effect on Humans and The Earth

28 Feb , 2017  

This session: Astrology, Planets and Their Effects • Choices, Karma and Healing from an Ayurvedic Perspective • Examples of connection between Astrology, Yoga and Life Events Course Trainer: Namita Purohit – Practicing Counselor and Trainer  

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