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At Bhakti Women we are passionate about investing in women’s development through our training programs, 1:1 coaching and online resources. We support women in their growth by inviting them to connect with their unlimited potential through harmonizing their thoughts, words, and actions with their inner essence.

Our mission

To empower women in making harmonious choices in their life by helping them connect with their essence.

Our programs

We organize many programs for women and girls in USA , India and online with a focus on Leadership, Management, Overcoming biases and stereotypes, Work Life Integration, Career Growth,Motherhood and other life roles,Creative Arts, Self Awareness,Self Esteem, Self Care , Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness among others.


We partner with Corporates, Educational Institutes, Non Profits and Women organizations to assist them in developing the women connected to them. We also provide 1:1 life coaching to women individuals.

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