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The Anti Aging Formula

2 May , 2014  

A more spiritual life means you become more focused internally about your spiritual goal like a converging lens that brings all light that falls onto it at a point. Because you are situated in knowledge you are able to make more spiritual choice about your time, your activities, the food you take in, how you deal with situations- to name a few.

You think less about the past and you worry less about the future knowing well that you are not the controller.You learn to accept yourself fully and you also learn to grow from your mistakes. You develop a calm and blissful state of mind which increases progressively as you go deeper in your relationship with God.You become like the Lotus- sitting unaffected. Beautiful inside out in spite of the muddy water around.You radiate beauty and also become pleasing to everyone.

CNN published an article saying how by studying the thoughts people had scientists could draw the their faces complete with expressions and wrinkles.The face is indeed the index of the mind.

Following a spiritual practice , helps you connect with yourself and your purpose . You look younger. You worry less about the inessential. You wrinkle less. With everyone selling you an anti wrinkle formula , you must give your spiritual practice a chance. Its free and has long reaching wide(side) effects.You look naturally young far from the promise of false youth of botox and plastic.

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