Babies Can Learn in the Womb

14 May , 2014  

Narada Muni instructed Kayadhu in the science of Bhakti and Krsna. Her child Prahlada Maharaja heard the science while in her womb and became the greatest devotee inspite of being born in a demon’s family. Modern science has done many studies to show how babies can listen and learn in the womb,how they can recognize the mother’s voice and how they learn about sounds, vowels, smells and light while in the womb. Many pregnant women practicing bhakti like to follow an increased daily bhakti practice to aid the child’s spiritual development while the child is in the womb.The baby can hear very clearly as the mother increases her chanting and hearing of spiritual topics.The child develops spiritual intelligence early. It not only helps the child to catch spiritual knowledge early but it also soothes the child struggling in a very difficult condition in the womb.

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