Bhakti Goals

21 Oct , 2014  

The following is a list of daily, weekly, monthly and annual practices that constitute a progressive life of bhakti. These guidelines are designed to be sustainable and manageable for those embarking on their spiritual journey. We have advised, for instance, that a minimum of four rounds of the maha-mantra is a solid commitment that will result in substantial spiritual progress. However, after maintaining this for one year you may feel that you can easily increase that minimum number. This is encouraged. By making steady improvements you can progress towards confidently taking irrevocable vows to be followed for the rest of your life.

Daily Practice

• Follow the Recommendations given under “Daily Bhakti Practice” to advance from beginner, to intermediate to advanced levels.

To chant a minimum of four rounds of maha-mantra japa on beads before having breakfast.

• To offer worship at the household altar, and to keep that place clean and sacred.

• To systematically study the scriptures with the commentaries of Srila Prabhupada.

• To cook for Krishna and to offer everything before you eat.

• To refrain from, or avoid, any foods, places, people, entertainment or activities that might reduce your spiritual strength and chosen level of commitment.

Weekly Practice

• To extend yourself to others by introducing them to Krishna in some way.

• To visit a temple, or attend a spiritual gathering where you chant Hare Krishna together and discuss the philosophy.

• To meet other devotees socially and to develop your friendship with them.

Monthly Practice

• To meet or discuss your successes and challenges with a spiritual guide (a senior devotee) who is helping you. To reveal your mind in confidence and to ask questions related to your spiritual progress.

• To take part in book distribution or a Harinam Sankirtan procession, or both.

• To offer your wealth and time to helping the mission to spread the holy names of Krishna.

Yearly Practice

• To observe and celebrate, either at home or in a temple, the main Vaishnava festivals for Lord Chaitanya and Nityananda, Narasimhadeva, Ramachandra, Sri Krishna, Srimati Radharani, and Balarama. To fast on these occasions – at least half the day.

• To see and celebrate the Rathayatra of Lord Jagannatha.

• To spend a few days of the year on spiritual retreat with devotees.

Every Few Years

• To go on pilgrimage to India and see the holy places where Krishna and His incarnations performed their pastimes.


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