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7 Feb , 2012 is an offering from the Vedic Cultural Center . The Vedic lifestyle is a personalized approach to self care and caring for others. At VCC we understand that apart from the common areas of self care and growth for men and women- both need personalized approaches tpwards self care and caring for their own spiritual advancement. We hope to provide resources for women to help them connect with their essence and succeed in a spiritual way in their day to day lives.

The Sanskrit word for women is ‘stri’ which means expansion. When women are spiritual they expand the spiritual culture of society by training the next generation in the home. If however they become materialistic they ruin their own life and mislead the next generation which becomes the cause of breakdown of society and general misery. When women are properly respected and protected by spiritually qualified men they develop remarkable qualities which are described by Krsna in the Bhagavad Gita. Krsna says in Bhagavad Gita 10.34 kirtih srir vak ca narinam smritir medha dhritih kshama. The vedic nari(woman) by practicing Bhakti towards Krsna develop fame(kirtih), opulence or beauty (sri), fine speech(vak), memory(smrtih), medha(intelligence), dhrtih(firmness) and Ksama (patience).These 7 opulences are considered feminine. If a woman possesses some or all of them she becomes glorious.

Qualities of a Woman in Bhakti

A woman is praised and becomes famous(kirtih) because of her righteousness – means she is the embodiment of the teachings of the Bhagavd Gita by which she makes decisions in her life.Her gentle behavior, strong spiritual faith that is the background of her modesty and good character is her opulence of attractiveness(srih). Her speech is always positive, kind and full of uplifting statements of deep spiritual significance. Because she has learned the value of chastity and faithfulness to one man, her husband, her mind is peaceful and thus gifted with a good memory(smrtih). She is able to read many books on Vedic Knowledge and understand them so perfectly that she can apply the knowledge in practical situations when needed(medha).Because she follows regulative principles of spiritual life she develops strength in following her vows and becomes a pillar of steadfastness(dhrtih).Due to her humble nature and her ability to maintain the equilibrium of mind both in the ecstacy of joy and the pain of sorrow she possesses the opulence of patience(Ksama). The secret for women to attain such qualities comes from the tasting the joy of chanting and dancing in the Holy Kirtan of Krsna’s transcendental names.

Women easily attracted to Bhakti

Women being the burturers of soceity are naturally soft hearted. This causes them to have a natural and easy attraction to the Bhati Path of loving God. They are very easily attracted to serving and loving Krsna and His devotees.In the Vedas we read about Sita devi, Yasoda Mai, Draupadi, Kunti Devi, Gandhari, Mandodari,Arundhati, Anasuya, Silavati,the Gopis and of course Srimati Radharani. These Vedic women were the leaders of society in their time and great devotees of the Lord. They shaped the destiny of Vedic Society through their values, and love and devotion to Krsna.

Our Service to all Women

Through this website, we hope to help you in your journey of Bhakti as woman.To help you in your practice and understanding of Bhakti yoga and to help you live those principles in your daily life. Also help you with tools for the different stages of your life like being single, work life, marriage, pregnancy, motherhood and the different things you can do as a woman in Bhakti. We hope to help you in making empowered choices in your life as a woman on the spiritual path of Bhakti Yoga.


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