Feminine Qualities and the Home

16 Aug , 2015  


This Home Science module explains how feminine qualities are extremely powerful and how they impact the well being and happiness of all family members  The module discusses how a woman’s performance of her duties with due support from her family members gives a strong foundation for the performance of grhastha ashrama dharma(householder life). We did […]

Prasadam Science

16 Aug , 2015  


Within this home science module we covered to major two topics during the Blossom Girls Home Science Camp 2015. The first being “ Food, Mood, Karma and You” on how the type of food we eat and the consciousness of the cook affects our consciousness, karma and mood and ability to grow in life. We discussed […]

Guest Reception At Home

16 Aug , 2015  


This being an important function of the grhastha asrama we tried to introduce the concept to the girls through this module. We cover through the materials linked below how one needs to be mindful of the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the guests and how one can take care of them. We have also […]

Home Care and Decor

16 Aug , 2015  


This module is based on the instructions of  Narada Muni for women from the verses of Srimad Bhagavatam,  SB 7.11.26-27 , “…….she should sweep and clean the household with water and other liquids so that the entire house is always pure and clean. She should collect the household paraphernalia and keep the house always aromatic with […]

Home Science

16 Aug , 2015  

Watch this space as we continue uploading presentations, documents, materials, videos and activity sheets from the Summer 2015 home science camp we did for young girls and all other upcoming Home Science Resources. Among the various areas that the Bhakti Women team serves women in, we are also very inspired to support mothers in empowering […]

Green Bhakti: Know to Grow

11 May , 2015  

A trip to the farm where we learned how to grow our own food!

The Culture of Worship vs The Culture of Exploitation

2 May , 2014  

In the path of Bhakti we worship God and because we worship God we worship everything animate and inanimate that he has created.

Simple Living and High Thinking

1 May , 2014  

‘Simple Living & High Thinking’ – a principle which is so succinct, yet profound. It formed the basis of life in the bygone age of wisdom. Life in the Vedic times was focused on Service, but not on exploitation; this was the cardinal rule of living and the very essence of people’s dealings – with […]

Shrink the Blueprint, Shrink the Footprint

1 May , 2014  


According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average home size in the United States was 2 square feet in 2009, “The average home size has continued to rise for the past four years, from 2,362 square feet in 2009 to 2,679 square feet in 2013, up from 1,400 square feet in 1970. For […]

Green Bhakti Tips

1 May , 2014  

Green Living

The monetary rewards we may offer ourselves do not always sustain our efforts to go green. When the gas prices climb up people start biking to work, but when the gas prices go down many people single drive their way to work. By seeing everything in connection with Krsna and also as a part of […]