Expectation vs Reality

14 May , 2014  

All spirit souls caged by the material body are conditioned by their desires and tendencies. They are also limited by their intelligence and karma in what they can provide and care for others. Also all living entities possess the four defects – the tendency to commit mistakes, to be illusioned, to cheat and to have imperfect […]

A Potential Spouse

13 May , 2014  

potential pouse

Physically, psychologically and spiritually we will go through many changes in the natural course of our lives and our marital relationship may need to adapt accordingly. Yet some basic, vital qualities are present throughout all healthy marriages. Let’s look at seven of them in relation to our potential spouse and ourselves. Balanced If you have […]

Marriage – Service, Partnership, Responsibility

11 May , 2014  

Marriage is a sacred offering of devotion to the Lord. In a Vedic marriage, the husband and the wife come together to take vows before the deity, before the sacred fire to live in faithfulness and dedication with Lord Krsna’s service in the center. This is the key to all success in any responsibility in […]

Strong Marriage in Pursuit of a Higher Realization

11 May , 2014  

Ekavira dasa and Vraja-lila dasi, marriage counselors and senior practitioners of bhakti-yoga discuss the benefits of a strong marriage in pursuit of higher spiritual realization. They’ve been married (as of 2014) for twenty three years.