Raising Our Daughter in a Farm Community

13 Nov , 2015  

Visakha Devi moved from Los Angeles, USA  to Saranagati, Canada a farm community created by disciples of Srila Prabhupada following the Bhakti tradition. What was it like for her daughters to grow up in such an environment? How did it affect their consciousness? How do they feel about their childhood when they look back now? […]

Childhood Impressions Are the Blueprint For The Future- Gopi Gita Dasi

5 Oct , 2015  

Having grown up in Krsna Consciousness, Gopi Gita values the positive impressions created by her parents as she was a child. She explains here how she tries her best to be mindful of that in her own parenting of her children. Gopi Gita Dasi is an Outreach Director and Teacher at the TKG Academy in Dallas. […]

Parenting is About Listening and Trusting

5 Oct , 2015  

Gopi Gita Dasi speaks about one thing she is trying to be focussed on in her parenting which is about listening to her children, about what is their hearts and what they want, showing interest in what they want to do and working with them to guide their interests towards Krishna. Gopi Gita Dasi is an […]

Give Children Happy Memories in Krishna Consciousness

2 Sep , 2015  

Happy and uplifting association where children feel valued is extremely important for their success in spiritual life. Gopisvari Dasi grew up in Krishna Consciousness and is now a Pujari/Priest at the ISKCON of Washington DC temple. She grew up under the care of a very nurturing and loving mother and we are grateful to her […]

My Mother Made Us Feel Valued and Included- Gopisvari Dasi

2 Sep , 2015  

Gopisvari Dasi shares how her mother raised her and her siblings in the most beautiful way. She made each one of them feel included and valued for. This is a very important aspect of raising children that came very naturally to her mother. Also her was always happy in adverse situations even with very little […]

Overcoming Home Schooling Challenges

19 Aug , 2015  

Champaklata Devi Dasi lives in Detroit, USA with her husband Vraja Kishore Das. She has two kids named VrajaPriya (9 Years) and Rasanand (5 years).She has been home schooling her daughter since 2010.Let’s hear from her how she has been going through the home schooling process, what challenges have come her way and how she […]

Respect for Parents Enables Respect for all Spiritual Authorities

22 Jun , 2015  


When children are taught to respect their parents, they automatically develop respect for all authorities in their life especially their Spiritual Master and eventually Lord Krishna Himself. Respect for the Mother: The Father’s Responsibility Fathers must deal in a respectful way with the mother so that children develop proper respect for the mother. A son […]

Protection for a Single Woman: Following Sita

22 Jun , 2015  


The Vedas recommend that women must always be protected. In her youth, a young woman is protected by responsible parents; in her adult life by the husband and in her old age by elderly children. The protection offered is not in the current sense of exploitation and control , but rather in the provision of […]

The Proper Use of Anger and Punishment

22 Dec , 2014  

Yelling, shaming, spanking and issuing empty threats are common discipline methods that parents want to avoid. But often we find ourselves resorting to these methods of discipline when kids push us to the limits of our patience. Most parents discipline their children when they are angry. When children do things that make us mad, we want […]