Bhakti Parenting

11 May , 2014  

The primary role of a parent – father or mother – is to facilitate a soul’s journey towards Krishna. It entails that the parents become qualified to take up that role in rednering that service to the soul/s under their care. In this section we have articles that would aid you in your parenting journey.

Teaching Children Responsibility and How to Plan Their time

2 May , 2014  

Children do well when their time is well planned and structured. However it can become a concern for parents during days off and breaks with lots of unstructured time on the hands of the kids. Parents are concerned that the child’s time is used productively. It can be difficult for a parent to act as […]

Incentive Driven or Value Driven?

2 May , 2014  

Audio Podcast link: The Right Reward and Motivation System for Kids Training children to do things with the right motivation helps them live positive spiritual lives. There are four kinds of motivation for any action. Modes of Material Nature and Action For some considered to be in the mode of ignorance they do something only […]