Protection for a Single Woman: Following Sita

22 Jun , 2015  


The Vedas recommend that women must always be protected. In her youth, a young woman is protected by responsible parents; in her adult life by the husband and in her old age by elderly children. The protection offered is not in the current sense of exploitation and control , but rather in the provision of […]

Sukanya’s Wifehood: Inner Happiness

22 Jun , 2015  


Cyavana Muni was not an attractive mate. His skin hung loosely on his bones, veins showed all over his body, he was diseased, and he was so much an invalid that he couldn’t walk without assistance. Beyond that, he had a difficult, irritable, and domineering personality. What a match! Most of us would at once […]

Diti vs Devahuti: Conception and Pregnancy

13 Mar , 2015  

According to the Vedas, the consciousness of the parents at the time of conception determines the quality of the child.In that sense it is interesting to contrast Diti’s union with Kashyapa with Devahuti’s union with Kardama. Both women served their husbands but Diti was impurely motivated by her desire that her husband immediately impregnate her.Since all […]

Draupadi’s Empathy and Forgiveness

20 Nov , 2014  

A Florida man convicted of first-degree murder for fatally shooting Davis, a teenager in an argument over loud music outside a Jacksonville convenience store in Nov 12. Two years later in Oct 2014 he  was sentenced  to life in prison without parole. Davis’ mother, Lucia McBath said she always taught her son to love and to forgive.She […]


23 Oct , 2014  

moscow harinam-1014

In most endeavors we have a goal, process and culture. For example, an athlete wants to win gold in the Olympics; this is the goal. They subsequently commence a rigorous training regime to exercise the body; this is the process. Simultaneously, they make strict lifestyle choices in diet, sleep patterns and abstinence from intoxication; this […]

Regulate Your Habits

23 Oct , 2014  

habits wordle

Why do spiritualists follow so many rules and regulations? Why make people feel guilty for doing ‘natural’ things? Aren’t such restrictions conservative and dogmatic? The simple fact is that restriction is not opposed to freedom. We have all experienced how exercising restraint can open up new realms of opportunity. Devotees of Krishna refrain from indulging […]

Sacred Home

23 Oct , 2014  


They say that life was much simpler when Apples and Blackberries were just fruits. Every day an estimated 400 billion emails are sent by 2.5 billion Internet users. Every day, 750,000 television sets are sold,£190 million is spent on video games, and 550 million newspapers are circulated. Every day, billions of dollars are spent on […]

Family affairs

23 Oct , 2014  

family life

Family life can often seem like a never-ending obstacle course. Potential stumbling blocks dominate the landscape; work, household matters, social obligations and paying the bills can easily become impediments to our spiritual development. In this age, a time of quarrel, tension, and stress, our personal relationships are often the hardest part of all, and fulfilling […]

What is the Srimad Bhagavatam

22 Oct , 2014  


Srimad-Bhagavatam, also known as the Bhagavat-Purana, is an epic philosophical and literary classic and holds a prominent position in India’s voluminous written wisdom. The Bhagavatam is the postgraduate, post-Vedic text of spiritual understanding. It has served as the inspiration for countless works of literature, song, drama, painting, and sculpture. Srimad-Bhagavatam, spoken shortly after Lord Krishna’s time on earth, is a […]