Counseling And Coaching

Namita PurohitNamita Purohit, Founder, Bhakti Women offers online and in-person counseling sessions for women. She has a Certificate in Personal Counseling( in the Robert Carkhuff Model) and is also trained in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Model.

Namita’s counseling helps women operate from a clearer understanding of their own selves, thereby helping them regulate their emotions and act from a balanced place to make well-informed decisions! She works with women to help them become aware and embrace the full landscape of their essence- needs, feelings, values, goals and the past. Helping them connect with themselves empowers them to accomplish their goals in a way that is meaningful for them.

Namita provides a rare combination of critical thinking and emotional intelligence. As a trainer, coach and thought partner this combination is unique. It helps her have empathy for those she is serving and at the same time partner with them to chart their next steps.

Namita helps her clients in a professional counseling capacity. In acute cases, having herself used those services, Namita refers her clients to a proven network of ayurvedic doctors and healers for additional consultation if desired by the client.

Appointment With Namita

Counseling Sessions:

Online Sessions will be carried through video conferencing through skype

Namita is available for in-person sessions in the South Mumbai Area, India.

Payments for Online Counseling

International Clients : Can send me on my paypal account

Indian Clients: Can do a Direct Bank Transfer to my account.


About Namita

Namita is passionate about investing in women’s development through her work as a trainer, a coach and a thought partner for women in all seasons and walks of life. Her mission is to help women make harmonious choices in their life by connecting with their essence. She believes in the 360-degree development of women to enable them in becoming high impact change agents. Partnering with her team at Bhakti Women, she has developed and conducted various training programs and created various systems to this effect.She along with her team has impacted the lives of over 300 women and girls in the Pacific North West Area, United States and more through their online resources. She now travels across India offering various programs for women and the youth.

Her training and coaching methodology is grounded in the belief that people desire inspired, meaningful lives. Hard data, research, thought-leader insights and our own observations affirm this inside-out approach.

You can know more about her work at her linked profile and view the recommendations received by her by scrolling the page there.