The Culture of Worship vs The Culture of Exploitation

2 May , 2014  

In the path of Bhakti we worship God and because we worship God we worship everything animate and inanimate that he has created.

The Srimad Bhagavatam in the second canto encourages us to see everything animate and inanimate as a part of the form of the Lord.cow worship

We are given a conception of the Universal Form of the Lord through which we are trained how to see everything in relationship with the Lord.The system of feeling the presence of the Almighty everywhere, is a sort of training of the mind to become accustomed to the devotional conception .The devotional atmosphere created by this vision helps in looking at things around us with the attitude of worshiping versus the prevalent attitude of exploiting animate and inanimate objects to satisfy our needs.

We do not exploit something we worship.Thus there is peaceful harmony between man, the ecology, the plants and the animals.

Since we use only what is set aside for our quote there is no unnecessary exploitation of the earth’s resources, cutting of trees and killing of animals. The animals are not robbed of their natural habitat as we respect them as parts and parcels of the same Lord of Who we are parts and parcels of.


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