Diti vs Devahuti: Conception and Pregnancy

13 Mar , 2015  

According to the Vedas, the consciousness of the parents at the time of conception determines the quality of the child.In that sense it is interesting to contrast Diti’s union with Kashyapa with Devahuti’s union with Kardama. Both women served their husbands but Diti was impurely motivated by her desire that her husband immediately impregnate her.Since all her co-wives who were also her sisters had already become mothers she also wished to have child.

She also expressed that a son would bring great pride to her and fame to Kashyapa Muni. Because of her improper attitude she did not even consider the inauspiciousness of the time.Kashyapaa Muni also not being strong succumbed to his own desire to enjoy with his wife. Their improper union resulted in two demons being born to them- Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksa. It is not just enough to be in the Krsna Conscious movement to have Krsna Conscious children. Diti and Kashyapa also lived in a hermitage and practiced some form of self realization process , but since their consciousness was not purified at the time of conception it resulted in demons being born as their children- a lifetime of austerity as parents.
On the other hand Devahuti served her husband Kardama Muni with a simple heart. When he expressed pleasure with her she requested a child . Their First union resulted in 9 beautiful daughters. When Kardama Muni was about to leave, Devahuti requests Kardama Muni for a son. She lamented that while serving her husband she had been unaware of his potency as a great devotee of the Lord.Feeling cheated she regretted having asked only for children and not for liberation. Thus Devahuti, having followed a religious path for material satisfaction , had attained both material detacment and spiritual desire.
Kardama Muni’s response to her was definitive, that she must engage in devotional service with austerity and sense control, following all religious principles and performance of charity. Devahuti being faithful and respectful to the instructions of her husband worshipped the Supreme Lord. And after many many years of such worship their union resulted in her having the Supreme Lord Krishna come as her son as Kapila Muni. Kapila Muni instructed his mother Devahuti in the principles of pure devotional service and thus Devahuti was able to perfect her life and go back to Godhead.
Srila Prabhupada states in his purport to Srimad Bhagavatam 3.23.10
 “By bodily union of the husband and wife their qualities are expanded: children born of good parents are expansions of the parents’ personal qualifications.  The mental situation at the time of sex life may then be transferred into the womb of the wife, and good children can come out of that pregnancy.”
Children become not as an accident of passion or a product of family planning but as an aspect of the same nature in which the parents are already immersed. These stories of these great personailities are there for a reason in Srimad Bhagavatam.
One has to deeply internalize the principles of Krishna Consciousness and develop attraction towards the Lord. When such attraction is developed one sees everything in relation to Krsna and as an act of service to Him. Then the act of conception and parenting is also seen as a service to the Lord.


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