Expectation vs Reality

14 May , 2014  

All spirit souls caged by the material body are conditioned by their desires and tendencies. They are also limited by their intelligence and karma in what they can provide and care for others. Also all living entities possess the four defects – the tendency to commit mistakes, to be illusioned, to cheat and to have imperfect senses.

Inspite of knowing this we expect our partners to know exactly how we are feeling, to reciprocate with our needs, care for us and second guess us correctly each time. This is because we have a need for love, care and security. However partners however hard they try cannot completely provide that love, care and security because they are limited, they are subject to the modes and material nature, birth and death. They themselves are dependent upon the Lord.

Expectations vs reality

In this regard, in the Srimad Bhagavatam there are some nice verses chanted by Laxmi Devi the eternal consort of the Lord that can make for a nice reflection for all wives.

SB 5.18.18 — Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Hṛṣīkeśa, the controller of all my senses and the origin of everything. As the supreme master of all bodily, mental and intellectual activities, He is the only enjoyer of their results. The five sense objects and eleven senses, including the mind, are His partial manifestations. He supplies all the necessities of life, which are His energy and thus nondifferent from Him, and He is the cause of everyone’s bodily and mental prowess, which is also nondifferent from Him. Indeed, He is the husband and provider of necessities for all living entities. The purpose of all the Vedas is to worship Him. Therefore let us all offer Him our respectful obeisances. May He always be favorable toward us in this life and the next.
SB 5.18.19 — My dear Lord, You are certainly the fully independent master of all the senses. Therefore all women who worship You by strictly observing vows because they wish to acquire a husband to satisfy their senses are surely under illusion. They do not know that such a husband cannot actually give protection to them or their children. Nor can he protect their wealth or duration of life, for he himself is dependent on time, fruitive results and the modes of nature, which are all subordinate to You.
SB 5.18.20 — He alone who is never afraid but who, on the contrary, gives complete shelter to all fearful persons can actually become a husband and protector. Therefore, my Lord, You are the only husband, and no one else can claim this position. If You were not the only husband, You would be afraid of others. Therefore persons learned in all Vedic literature accept only Your Lordship as everyone’s master, and they think no one else a better husband and protector than You.
SB 5.18.21 — My dear Lord, You automatically fulfill all the desires of a woman who worships Your lotus feet in pure love. However, if a woman worships Your lotus feet for a particular purpose, You also quickly fulfill her desires, but in the end she becomes broken-hearted and laments. Therefore one need not worship Your lotus feet for some material benefit.


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