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Green Bhakti Tips

1 May , 2014  

The monetary rewards we may offer ourselves do not always sustain our efforts to go green. When the gas prices climb up people start biking to work, but when the gas prices go down many people single drive their way to work.

By seeing everything in connection with Krsna and also as a part of the Universal Form of he Lord, we can be mindful of what we use, how we use and how much we use.

1. Air drying instead of using the dryer when it can be done.

2. Using ecologically friendly cleaners in the home.

3. Buying certain items like lentils, oatmeal, granola, nuts etc in bulk as you buy those with reduced packaging and therefore a smaller energy footprint.

4. Trying carpool or using the city’s bus service on more days than one.

5. Having only as much house as you need.

6. Learning how to use the thermostat in the house to control temperature – The heating, cooling system can turn off at times when there is nobody in the house and turn back on at the set temperature at times when everyone is at home.

7. Being vegetarian – you not only become more compassionate and kind but you also reduce the energy footprint. A lot of green houses gases are emitted by the meat industry.

8. Reuse – There is a lot of good being said about Recycle. However before we dump things in the recycle bin at home, we can think of ways to reuse them. WE throw milk bottles, juice bottles, yogurt containers, dips and sauce bottles, boxes everyday after single use. Can we was them and store them for later use. Can Juice bottles double up as containers in our pantry. Can we use empty yogurt boxes as To go boxes after parties? Better still can we make our own yogurt? Can old unusable clothes be used as dusters in the home?

9. Shorter showers

10. Taps running only when needed while dish washing and cleaning.

These are just some ideas and we are sure there are many more. This mindfulness that everything we see around us is a part of the Lord’s Universal form can go a long way in cultivating green habits.


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