Home Care and Decor

16 Aug , 2015  

This module is based on the instructions of  Narada Muni for women from the verses of Srimad Bhagavatam,  SB 7.11.26-27 , “…….she should sweep and clean the household with water and other liquids so that the entire house is always pure and clean. She should collect the household paraphernalia and keep the house always aromatic with incense and flowers…..” . Within the topic of  “Cleanliness” we helped them identify the different varieties of surfaces that need to be cleaned in the house and how each one of them require a specific cleaning mechanism. We also introduced them to the concept of natural bio- degradable cleaners and helped them make one such cleaner during activity time. Within “Organization” (collect the household paraphernalia) we helped them understand the importance of organization based on Srila Prabhupada’s teachings. We had group activity planned related to organizing certain areas of the home- kitchen spice rack, kitchen vessels, clothes closet, study desk and jewelry.

Within Home Decor we discussed how Krishna Conscious homes must be a sactuary for the spiritual, emotional and physical rejuvenation of the family members. We discussed how housekeeping and decor play a major role in the well being of the family. We discussed how the purpose of beauty – is for Krishna , to remind us of Krishna. Since Home Decor is an extremely broad topic we covered the aspect of patterns in design and how all traditional cultures use patterns from nature and why they do so? We connected that with how all those patterns in nature have been created by Krishna and to surround yourself with such patterns in the home – either on flooring, upholstery, carving and prints the purpose is to always remember Krishna through those.


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