Radharani and Gopis

Krsna Loves Each One of Us Unconditionally

2 May , 2014  

The greatest of all the opulences of Lord Krsna is the opulence of love. He has infinite , unsurpassable, incomprehensible love for every living entity. He has infinite love for that little soul in each and every one of us. When we are touched with the realization of how much Krishna loves us it doesn’t matter what happens in this crazy world.Radharani and Gopis
Material love
Women are under pressure of appealing to the standards of physical beauty. The right hair, the right outfit, the right look, manicured nails and pedicured feet and an impossible barbie doll body shape. In the world created media such a woman is able to attract love – Love that is based on the body and the beauty of the body. Or the most perfect mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend is the one that gets the most love. Love that you would get if you were perfect. Or if you were rich you would invite the love of people around you – Love that is based on your wealth.
The “love” that we are being so trained to run after is based on material accomplishment of beauty, perfection, success, intelligence or how much you do for another person. But in Krsna’s world – the spiritual world He loves everyone unconditionally. I maybe fallen, diseased, poor, ugly, unintelligent, paralyzed, emaciated, crippled and imperfect however insignificant I maybe in the eyes of others but for Krsna I am infinitely significant. I am His part and parcel. No material condition can change that.
Knowing that we are loved unconditionally by Krsna
John Welwood writes in his book “Perfect Love and Imperfect relationships” , “Not knowing, in our blood and bones, that we are truly loved or lovable undermines our capacity to give and receive love freely. This is the core wound that generates interpersonal conflict and a whole range of familiar relationship tangles. Difficulty trusting, fear of being misused or rejected, harboring jealousy and vindictiveness, defensively stonewalling, having to argue and prove we’re right, feeling easily hurt or offended and blaming others for our pain—these are just a few of the ways that our insecurity about being loved or lovable shows up.”
However when we experience Krishna’s love, infinite love for us, unlimited love for us and we taste it then we naturally reciprocate with unconditional infinite love for Krishna. As the saints in Gaudiya Vaishnava tradion of bhakti say ” In that state there is love and compassion in all circumstances for everyone. That is essence of religion,that is the purpose of life.When we are empty inside we need these things, useless things, fame adoration- which we mistake for love. When we we taste Krishna’s inifnite love for us we are satisfied – it humbles us as we know that Krishna has the same infinite love for everyone and everyone has the same potential to have the same infinite love for Krishna. That understanding is the Supreme unifying ingredient within a world of unlimited variations and so many dualities. This is the matchless gift which Srila Prabhupada a great saint in the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition has presented to the whole world.
To experience God’s love and to actually understand our love for God is the greatest wealth, and this is within us. It simply has to be awakened. And that is what spirituality, what religion, what yoga, and what true human culture is meant to do—to awaken the divinity that is within us, and to be an instrument of that divinity.
(Excerpts from a lecture by HH Radhanath Swami)


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