Narada Muni’s Mother : A Single Mother and a Simple Woman

20 Dec , 2014  

In his previous life, Narada Muni was the only son of his mother who was very a simple woman. She wanted to look after Narada Muni’s wellbeing but because she was not independent, she was not able to do much. She was a maid servant in ashrama where many spiritually elevated people resided. She was engaged in the service of the Bhaktivedantas who stayed in the ashram for four months of the rainy season (Chaturmasya). Since she had the good fortune of serving those traveling mendicants, so five-year-old Narada also had the same opportunity. He had the right mood and was self controlled. He was not playful and did not speak more than required. That and his service endeared him to the Bhaktivedantists who gave him their causeless mercy. Moreover, he was able to take the remnants of their meals (prasadam) and hear them speak on transcendental subjects. Primarily these two activities, says the Bhagavatam, enabled Narada to move forward in his spiritual life.

Later as Narada Muni grew up and his mother had left her body- Narada Muni became a traveling mendicant himself and he began meditating upon the Lord. Once in his meditation he was able to receive the darshan of the Lord for a short moment. Having lost the darshan of the Lord, he became very aggrieved. To mitigate His grief the Lord spoke to him and said that He gave His darshan for a short while only to increase his hankering for Him. The Lord guided Him with next steps on how to make advancement in Bhakti by constantly engaging in His service and chanting His Holy Names and Pastimes.

Narada Muni followed the Lord’s instructions so much so that by this perfection he received a spiritual body befitting an associate of the Lord and came to be known as Narada Muni.

Narada Muni’s mother was a simple woman, a single mother ,a maid servant- she was not very accomplished materially and spiritually. She desired the well-being of her child but could not do much because she was not independent. But because she raised her child in the right spiritual atmosphere, surcharged with devotion and the association of the pure devotees of the Lord- her child achieved all perfection. Srila Prabhupada explains in SB Canto 1,Chapter 5,Text 23 that this is the wonder of an atmosphere surcharged with devotional service to the Lord.

Many of us may find ourselves to be materially inadequate and spiritually lacking and some of us may be single mothers- but hearing this pastime about Narada Muni’s mother gives hope to all of us. In spite of not having many resources we can still help our children imbibe the right mood of receiving mercy and we can keep our children in a spiritual atmosphere surcharged with devotion and opportunities of service to the devotees of the Lord. Then by serving them, hearing from them and accepting their remnants our children may also receive their causeless mercy.


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