Living Bhakti

7 Feb , 2012  

Each one of us has a commitment to go deeper in our bhakti- our relationship with Lord Krsna. Our actions and mindset must be aligned with our commitment. If that alignment is lost, it is difficult to go further on the path of bhakti.Such inner conflicts between the body, mind and soul can make us weak and lose our precious vitality.  Srila Bhakti Vinoda Thakur  says “Unless the body, mind and senses are controlled by the help of retractional measures of both theistic knowledge and balanced detachment, the mere observation of devotional cultivation cannot provide any upliftment.” Radharani 2
Our mind, body, and soul must be one in interest and in purpose. In that unified condition, we can actually express our natural innate love for Krsna in everything we do in our lives.The balance of the body, mind and soul is what is required for real spiritual health. Srila Bhakti Vinoda Thakur writes in Sri Tattva Sutra (13)  ” The soul enters into real asceticism when making use of the body, mind and senses to serve the Supreme and to courageously continue with the proper discharge of worldly duties.
A thoughtful practitioner would want to support their daily bhakti practice with a lifestyle that helps them go deeper in their practice. How are we interacting with the physical realm?- our homes, things we use, our body and how we care for it, how much time are we putting in bodily maintainence versus the soul’s needs, how mmany things and how much space do we need,what are the types of foods we eat, how those foods are influencing our consiousness, what are our thoughts throughout the day, how do we handle our emotions, are we working hard on retracting our bad habits,connecting with needs of the soul through Bhakti Reflections, learning from great bhakti yogis, chanting with feeling,and many more.
This section serves you with  tools and wisdom in living a life of bhakti at the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Level.


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