Prasadam Science

16 Aug , 2015  

Within this home science module we covered to major two topics during the Blossom Girls Home Science Camp 2015. The first being “¬†Food, Mood, Karma and You” on how the type of food we eat and the consciousness of the cook affects our consciousness, karma and mood and ability to grow in life. We discussed the importance of choosing the right types of foods and being extremely careful of eating only prasadam cooked by devotees. We also discussed about the effect of eating local foods easy to obtain and the effect of natural farming using cow dung vs. fertilizers. For that we had a field trip to HG Harivilas Prabhu’s farm where we showed them organic farming using cow dung and also the care of cows.We also touched upon the topic of food storage and different methods of preservation with one being pickling where the girls learned how to make a lime pickle( Link to pictures for this activity:. The second topic we covered was related to “Prasadam Serving”.¬†We gave them some pointers on what constitutes a good menu vs. a bad menu. We also discussed serving sequences and serving layout (arranging a table – Indian style and Western Style).


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