Session 2: Prana and Chakras

14 Feb , 2017  

Session 2:

1.More Details on Prana Maya Kosha

2.Nadis, Chakras and the Distribution of Prana

3.Effect of Life Changes

Course Trainer: Namita Purohit – Practicing Counselor and Trainer

5 session Course to learn about:

—The various energies like food, prana, planets, constellations, people, and energy fields you are constantly affected by!
—the 5 layered human being
—Connection between koshas, chakras, planets and health
— Psychotherapy, Ayurveda and their place in healing
—Learn how to heal yourself in cases of disease through a multi- pronged healing approach
—Beyond physical healing – a permanent solution!!
All this with examples of the impact that relocation, life changes, death in the family, loss of relationships, etc have on your psycho-physical health, relationship with yourself, people around you and your spiritual life.


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