Session 3: Occupations for Women, Krishna’s Society and Current Culture

21 Dec , 2015  

\=We discussed varna based occupations for Women right from women in the services to women in the business class and to women in ruling and administration. We discussed how there was not separation between the home and place of work making it easy for both men and women to take care of their home duties and work related.

However due to the Industrial revolution and Mass production both men and women were working in factories away from home. This did not affect the men so much and put a lot of pressure on women as post work they had to take care of their home duties and mothering responsibilities. Also after the second world war there were a lot of home appliances that flooded the markets making home work less challenging. Also education became centralized and women did not have as much responsibility in educating children at home. Feeling under utilized women also joined the workforce in droves.
The Ideal:
Is to live simple lives with very little effort and energy spent in maintining body and soul together so one can devote rest of their time to serving Krishna and His Devotees
Definition of Success Defines Our Activity
Since we are far from the ideal with many desires and conditioned mindsets, its a choice every woman and family makes about whether or not she works depending upon their individual circumstances and their definitions of success. For someone who is more situated in the mode of passion needs projects with timelines and deadlines and tangible results in the form of recognition at work, promotions and salaries. For them it is difficult to find that sense of accomplishment at home. So if they quit it becomes a drain for them emotionally and thus drains their spiritual lives also. Its like forcing a city person to stay in the village and practice bhakti. Such a change would be so challenging to them emotionally and physically that it may become very difficult to practice Bhakti.
So we take refuge in the maxim of yukta vairagya: Engage yourself favorably in Krishna’s service. Practicing Bhakti will gradually elevate one to the mode of goodness where one may not need results to define their sense of worth. Person situated in the mode goodness is satisfied by proper execution of duty in a manner pleasing to Krishna.
Also there are many challenging projects available in the Krishna Consciousness movement , so if a woman decides to quit and focus on her prescribed duties but still needs a sense of challenge and accomplishment that can be dovetailed in various services to Krishna.
Surround yourself with Like Minded people
Also for a woman to feel encouraged to do her home duties and child rearing responsibilities in a sustained way, it is important that she surrounds herself with like minded individuals who value her sacrifices towards her family and who themselves are engaged in such work.


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