Motherhood Part 1

27 Dec , 2015  

A mother’s consciousness and feelings shape the consciousness of the child not just when they are being raised  but before they are conceived and also while they are in the womb. A mother’s love or neglect for the child can have far reaching consequences on the child’s future life as an adult and future relationships. A mother’s perception of the child means a lot to the child. Her acceptance or disapproval of the child forms the child’s image of also how the world perceives them.

A mother’s role is far reaching in shaping the child and in helping the child get delivered to Lord Krishna’s Lotus Feet. In how she cares for their bodies, responds to them emotionally and guides them spiritually defines how well connected the children can be to their own journey’s of going back Home Back to Godhead. Join us to understand this powerful role of the First Guru in everyone’s life.
In this session we talk about this and how important it is for the mother to connect emotionally with her child for the overall well being of the child.
We talk about panch kosha vikas of the child and how a mother plays an important role in that. How caring for the whole person of the child is important so that the child can achieve full success and achieve the highest goal of life of going back home to Krishna at the end of the child’s life. While taking care of the child like this a woman can also achive the highest ultimate goal of life just like her child.
The purpose of our motherhood is to help deliver the child from the cycle of birth, disease , old age and death by developing a proper understanng of who they are and their relationship with Lord Sri Krishna. We also discuss here the concept of the “care for the whole person” the body, mind and soul of the child.In every interaction we need to be cognizant of how we are caring for the whole person . Watch the video or audio to know more about the studies on pancha kosha vikas – anna maya, prana maya, mano maya, vijnana maya and ananda maya. In the Srimad Bhagavatam we read about how Suniti in just one interaction of pacifying Dhruva Maharaja took care of all of the 5 koshas mentioned above and directed Dhruva to Spiritual Life. 
Watch the video to know more about the various scientific studies discussing the changes in a mother’s body and brain to facilitate the emotional care of her child. For mothers who interact with their children through eye contact and touch right from when they are born the child’s anna mayaa and prana maya koshas are pacified and the child does not grow up with emotional disturbances thereby able to focus on the greater concerns of life. Howveer children who do not grow up right from their birth with that kind of connection find their anna maya and prana maya koshas disturbed leading to all types of emotional health issues. In order to attract attention they engage in negative behaviors right from small mischief to gun shootings in schools.
We also discussed how when the focus is entirely on the physical development of the child, women make choices to go to work over being with the children at home for the first years of their childhood so that they can provide for their university education and classes.This may contribute to children feeling “Emotionally Homeless” even if they have access to all resources that material world has to offer. We concluded last week with how important it is to take care of the body and the mind of the child in order that they can grow spiritually.


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