Session 8: Food, Mood, Karma, Health, Relationships and You

21 Jan , 2016  

Food is something we eat 3 to 4 times a day. Without food our tummies grumble and bodies tumble. Let us get together tomorrow to learn how the Industrial revolution and the Second World changed how we processed our food at home.

How cooking was made easier for us at home through the wide range of appliances and the wide choice of processed food available through the supermarket chains. Did it really make our lives simpler and healthier? did it really give us peace of mind?

Did it really free up our mind and time to spend good time together with our loved ones?
Know about this very important aspect of our lives- of food and its connection to our mood,our desires, our karma, our health and relationships. Learn how the changes due to the second world war and industrialization affect our food and all the above aspects connected with it and eventually our spirituality.
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  1. RambhoruDasi ACBSP says:

    Hare Krishna. I would like to contact the mataji who is behind this wonderful website and invite her to a Vaishnavi retreat we are planning in the Los Angeles area in a couple of weeks. Several months ago, I listened to a wonderful seminar she did on the history of women’s economic contribution to her family while living in the home and how that has changed now in Kali Yuga. Can whoever reads this please send me this person’s contact information and the link to that seminar? I want to hear it again. Thank you.

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