Women and Self Worth

27 Dec , 2015  

What determines your self worth? Your high paying job, your car, the value of your house, the level of acceptance in society, the branding by society, your children, your intelligence, your ability to do things or something else? What if all that is taken away from you by Time, would that make you disturbed, would that make you feel identity-less, would that make you lose you confidence in moving around in the world?

Do you want your sense of worth to be dependent on social designations and standards that are ever changing or do you want to derive your sense of worth from something more permanent so that your sense of worth does not bounce up and down like a ping pong ball?

Learn more about finding a permanent basis for your self worth from the stories of Maharaj Citraketu, his wives, Gandhari, Draupadi, Avanti Brahmana, Pingala, Dukhi, Suniti and Dhruva, Vidura Dhrtarashtra and many other personalities discussed here.


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