Episode 4: Be Quiet! You are a Woman!

22 Jul , 2017  

Episode 4: Common Sense With Namita And should women be quiet in meetings, in family decisions, in marriages and in families just because they are women or should a woman speak freely as needed !! What should a woman do if she has internalized this maxim? How should she change her thinking? What is the […]

Episode 3: Die Before You Die

22 Jul , 2017  

Episode 3: Common Sense With Namita

Episode 2: Self or Family?

22 Jul , 2017  

Common Sense with Namita – Episode 2

Episode 1: Tolerate. You are a Woman!

31 May , 2017  

We welcome you all to the first episode of our new series ” Common Sense With Namita” 15 minutes every wednesday 7:45pm to 8:00pm , IST. The First episode we talk about this irrational belief ” Tolerate because you are a woman” and we find rational ways to deal with this irrational belief that society […]