Session 9: Women and The Well Ordered Life

20 Feb , 2016  

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Self Care For A Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse

17 Aug , 2015  

Syama Kumari Dasi has been a Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse at Mt Sinai, New York. She has been practicing Krishna Consciousness ( Bhakti) since her childhood.

Prasadam Science

16 Aug , 2015  


Within this home science module we covered to major two topics during the Blossom Girls Home Science Camp 2015. The first being “ Food, Mood, Karma and You” on how the type of food we eat and the consciousness of the cook affects our consciousness, karma and mood and ability to grow in life. We discussed […]

Scientific tips for good rest

2 May , 2014  


In this post we are going to discuss few scientifically proven tips which help in having a good rest.

Be Healthy and Happy in Bhakti

2 May , 2014  


After conducting hundreds of experiments on sleep and health, the world’s leading scientists have discovered that to keep optimum health, one should sleep early and rise before sunrise.

The Culture of Worship vs The Culture of Exploitation

2 May , 2014  

In the path of Bhakti we worship God and because we worship God we worship everything animate and inanimate that he has created.

The Anti Aging Formula

2 May , 2014  

Praying woman hands

A more spiritual life means you become more focused internally about your spiritual goal like a converging lens that brings all light that falls onto it at a point. Because you are situated in knowledge you are able to make more spiritual choice about your time, your activities, the food you take in, how you […]

Green Bhakti Tips

1 May , 2014  

Green Living

The monetary rewards we may offer ourselves do not always sustain our efforts to go green. When the gas prices climb up people start biking to work, but when the gas prices go down many people single drive their way to work. By seeing everything in connection with Krsna and also as a part of […]

Green Bhakti- Change how you see things, change how you use things

7 Feb , 2012  


Gradual withdrawal from enjoying matter to growth in finding our happiness in a life of servitude to the Lord and His creation is needed for our spiritual development. The outer environment is a reflection of the inner environment. Part of living bhakti is to make enlightened choices even in the physical realm. The Lord is […]