Namita Purohit – Founder

Namita is passionate about investing in women’s development through her work as a trainer, a coach and a thought partner for women in all seasons and walks of life. Her mission is to help women make harmonious choices in their life by connecting with their essence. She believes in the 360-degree development of women to enable them in becoming high impact change agents.

Partnering with her team at Bhakti Women, she has developed and conducted various training programs and created various systems to this effect.She along with her team has impacted the lives of over 300 women and girls in the Pacific North West Area, United States and more through their online resources. She now travels across India offering various programs for women and the youth.

Her training and coaching methodology is grounded in the belief that people desire inspired, meaningful lives. Hard data, research, thought-leader insights and our own observations affirm this inside-out approach.

Areas of Training For Women

She focusses on the personal growth of women and has courses that can help women from different walks and seasons as you can see in the Life Stages section of the website.

Namita can be invited for imparting training for women and for young girls on various topics as listed below. If you would like to invite her for any other topics , she will be more than happy to accommodate your request.

Her Background

She has done her BE Electronics and has worked for many years at Microsoft USA. She is a Gold Star Award Winning Employee at Microsoft, Founder of Bhakti Women and Build Worthy Organizations. She has imparted over 700 hours of training to various crowds and about 2500 people. She also volunteers as Secretary for Artha Forum. She is Certified in Personal Counselling ( The Robert Caurkhuff Model and Ambert Ellis’s Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy)